healthy spring side dishes



i love making introductions…and this one was particularly awesome b/c i got to enjoy the results…yummy and healthy spring salads at an awesome party! broccoflauer-tomato-burrata-salad

my foodie friend Peilin Breller is a food stylist, and she did me solid by catering another friend’s party. hydrangea-arrangement-cabbage-mandarin-orange-salad

when you’ve got mad skills to make food look good in commercials and menus, you know a thing or two about styling a party.


and while food cooked for commercials and menus usually shouldn’t be eaten (think glue, toothpicks, blow torches, staples)… orzo-salad

i wasn’t surprised to see the guests going back for seconds, thirds, and in my case…fourths. pasta-spaghetti-squash-salad

the main meal was philly cheese steaks catered by an awesome cheese steak dude. and while i’m trying to avoid a heart attack, i still would’ve eaten one with whiz if it was offered. thank goodness there wasn’t any cheese whiz this time. 🙂


and thankfully the hostess always offers fresh, healthy, and hearty side dishes. shells-beachy-table-setting

and Peilin delivered. how pretty are these beachy table decorations and flowers?


have a great day!

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