pumpkin cranberry bread – perfect holiday bread

How a smell brings back memories… It seems I’ve made this bread every fall/winter for the past 15 years. I got the recipe from my friend, Sandy Krogh, an accomplished home economist and food stylist and one of my earliest mentors. Sandy and I would travel to various Pardee Homes sites (thanks to Open Line […]

What’s for dinner? Venison stew!

  My family and I just moved back to So Cal from the south. Brought this incredible recipe back with us.  It’s perfect for a cold winter night…or a not terribly cold night in California. 2 lbs venison 3 onions 6 garlic cloves 6 stalks of celery add leaves 3 potatoes 3 cups of carrots […]

brussels sprouts with chinese sausage and spicy sweet & sour sauce. nom nom.

does your stomach ever talk to you? tonight, mine said “meesh, i NEED those crispy brussel sprouts with chinese sausage that you and Hubby had at Broadway in Laguna Beach.” then i learned that it’s actually brussels sprouts.  plural.  not sure why.  just is. tonight, i absolutely needed to have these. so delish. even Hubby […]

delish lamb chops with a balsamic viniagrette reduction

i’ve been watching a LOT of kitchen nightmares.  gordon ramsay is harsh, but seems to know how to motivate people.  he’s kind with some, in-your-face with others, yet encouraging throughout the show. anyway….all that being said, watching the show has sparked some inspiration for new recipes! i picked up some lamb chops at my favorite…costco. […]

Eggs Goldenrod : the breakfast of choice for Captain America

Eight years ago when I first met my husband – a close male friend of mine dubbed him *Captain America*. Only after we got married did this friend begin calling my husband by his real name! It was partly a cheesy nickname – but really just poking fun at my husband’s six-pack abs, all-around good […]

a tale of piecaken…

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Alexa, posted about a hilarious and almost ridiculous recipe called *Piecaken*. Piecaken, is the brain child of missionary and blogger, Jamie http://www.theveryworstmissionary.com. Basically, she had an epiphany to dump a whole baked pie into a spring form pan and poured cake batter over the top. She baked it. […]

Quinoa :: great protein for the kiddos

Quinoa is my new fave.  I particularly loved when I went into the store asking for ‘kee-no-ah.’ Um…it’s ‘keen-wah.’ You win some…you lose some… Anyway, quinoa has great protein, is super easy to make, is versatile, and the kids love it. I’m no pro chef, but I try to give the kids something other than […]

have you ever had one of those days?

good morning! this is what happens when you’ve made breakfast for everyone in the house and then realize “hey, it’s 10 AM and i’m hungry, too!” so you pop a bagel…the very last bagel, into the toaster. and then you hop onto a work call. and 15 minutes later…you smell something. so you run into […]

Big A loves fruit…well actually, he loves to eat everything…

i tried making my own baby food once. once. what a hassle.  and i’m not knocking anyone who makes their own…but i just don’t have the patience or time!  i’d rather be snuggling my babies. BUT, i do buy organic.  and if something has extra DHA, i buy that, too….who knows if it really matters…but […]

taking a starbucks vacation

i don’t drink coffee.  but everyone around me does. i marvel when i hear people say “i’ve got no money.”  “my credit cards are maxed out.”  “what should i do?” interesting.  if you don’t have cash, why are you always drinking a starbucks? let’s do some simple math…and talk about a phenomenon called the latte […]

ella’s kitchen :: he likes it!

well lookie here…looks like we’ve got a winner.  big A really enjoyed his new food.   bib required.  🙂

meesh’s famous potstickers

Ok, this is for all of you who love my potstickers…i know that i call a lot of my recipes “meesh’s famous…” but this really is my own recipe! Ingredients :: potstickers 1 pkg square or round wonton wrappers (usually found near the tofu in dairy section) 1 lb. ground meat (i usually use blend […]